There are books that we will be discussing during our days at Mahoney State Park.  This page will give you the list of books,  It will be your choice of which book discussion you wish to attend.  
In the spirit of earth care, please consider attaining this book by:
  1. borrowing the book from a friend
  2. checking the public library
  3. downloading an e-book (check the library)
  4. buying used

Books that will be discussed on Tuesday evening at the Elders for the Earth Event

You're More Powerful than You Think: A Citizen's Guide to Making Change Happen by Eric Liu
The Soil Will Save Us by Kristen Ohlson
 We are in an age of epic political turbulence in America. Old hierarchies and institutions are collapsing. From the election of Donald Trump to the upending of the major political parties to the spread of grassroots movements like Black Lives Matter and $15 Now, people across the country and across the political spectrum are reclaiming power.

Are you ready for this age of bottom-up citizen power? Do you understand what power truly is, how it flows, who has it, and how you can claim and exercise it?

Eric Liu, who has spent a career practicing and teaching civic power, lays out the answers in this incisive, inspiring, and provocative book. Using examples from the left and the right, past and present, he reveals the core laws of power. He shows that all of us can generate power-and then, step by step, he shows us how. The strategies of reform and revolution he lays out will help every reader make sense of our world today. If you want to be more than a spectator in this new era, you need to read this book.

 Thousands of years of poor farming and ranching practices―and, especially, modern industrial agriculture―have led to the loss of up to 80 percent of carbon from the world's soils. That carbon is now floating in the atmosphere, and even if we stopped using fossil fuels today, it would continue warming the planet.

In The Soil Will Save Us, journalist and bestselling author Kristin Ohlson makes an elegantly argued, passionate case for "our great green hope"―a way in which we can not only heal the land but also turn atmospheric carbon into beneficial soil carbon―and potentially reverse global warming.

As the granddaughter of farmers and the daughter of avid gardeners, Ohlson has long had an appreciation for the soil. A chance conversation with a local chef led her to the crossroads of science, farming, food, and environmentalism and the discovery of the only significant way to remove carbon dioxide from the air―an ecological approach that tends not only to plants and animals but also to the vast population of underground microorganisms that fix carbon in the soil. Ohlson introduces the visionaries―scientists, farmers, ranchers, and landscapers―who are figuring out in the lab and on the ground how to build healthy soil, which solves myriad problems: drought, erosion, air and water pollution, and food quality, as well as climate change. Her discoveries and vivid storytelling will revolutionize the way we think about our food, our landscapes, our plants, and our relationship to Earth.

Other books that are on the Elders planning committe's recommended to read list.

Cows Save the Planet and Defending Beef

The Green Boat

Awake on Earth

The 6thExtinction: An Unatural History

Getting to Green - Saving Nature: A Bipartisan Soultution

America's Climate Century-Senator Robb Hogg

EcoMind: Changing the Way WeThink to Create the World We Want-Frances Morre Lappe