Our goals for Elders 4 the Earth Chautauqua 2016 were that participants be:

  • Intellectually challenged … By area experts about the reality of climate change
  • Inspired by community … Meeting old and new friends who have similar concerns
  • Touched emotionally … With the empowerment of positive action
  • Well fed … Spoiled with as much local and regional foods as we can get
  • Exposed to new ideas … Through a variety of workshops for the brain, heart and body
  • Energized ... By hiking the beautiful trails around Mahoney State Park
  • Surrounded by meaning and fun … Music, laughs and a nap or two tucked in as needed
Dates and Schedule of the 2016 Elders for the Earth
4:00 PM on Monday, October 3, 2016
to 11:00 AM Thursday, October 6, 2016

Come when you can, leave when you must.

The schedule options will be many and folks are encouraged to pick and choose and take breaks when needed.  

Mon, Oct 3
4 p.m.           Check in to cabins/rooms/campground/settle in
5 p.m.           Welcome at the Riverview Lodge, overview of our time together, some iconectors to acquaint folks with                                 each other.
6 p.m. Dinner
7 p.m.           Opening lecture   Jane Kleeb
7:45 - 8:15    Q&A
8:15               Social time/music

Tues, Oct 4
7:40      Morning Interfaith Prayers for the earth
8:15      Continental breakfast at the Riverview Lodge
9:00      Welcome to newcomers, review of day and announcements 
9:10–-10:10     Lecture "Climate Change and it’s Implications for Nebraska"  Don Wilhite
10:10--10:25    Q&A
10:25–-10:40   Break
10:40--11:40    Lecture - "A Climate Plan for Nebraska"  Ken Haar
11:40–-11:55   Q&A
Noon – Lunch and relaxation/hiking/journaling.....
2:00-–3:00      Workshop/Playshop
3:30--4:30       Workshop/Playshop
5:00--6:00       Workshop/Playshop
6:30  Dinner
7:30--8:30        Book reviews and discussion (go to Readings)
         America's Climate Centrury with author Iowa Senator Rob Hogg
         The Green Boat (by Mary Pipher) with discussion leader
8:30        Music/social hour

Wed, Oct 5
7:40      Morning Interfaith Prayers forthe Earth
8:15      Continental breakfast at the Riverview Lodge
9:00      Welcome to newcomers, review of day and announcements
9:10–-10:10     Lecture -  "A Practical and Moral Response to Climate Change"  Chuck Hassebrook
10:10--10:25   Q&A
10:25–-10:40   Break
10:40--11:40   Lecture Nancy Williams
11:40–-11:55   Q&A
Noon – Lunch and relaxation/hiking/journaling.....
2:00-–3:00      Workshop/Playshop
3:30--4:30       Workshop/Playshop
5:00--6:00       Workshop/Playshop
6:30  Dinner
7:30--8:30        Open mic for community sharing
8:30        Music/social hour and local wine tasting

Thur, Oct 6
7:30                  Continental breakfast, ​location to be announced
8:45-9:00         Welcome to newcomers, review of day and announcements
                         The Nebraska Room at the Peter Kewit Lodge
9:00--9:45        Lecture "What's Love Got To Do With It?  A Faith Response to Climate Change"  Kim Morrow
9:45--10:00      Q&A
10:00-–10:30   Group evaluation of the event, gather ideas for next year
10:30-–11:00   Closing ritual "Blessing for Mother Earth and all life"
                                 John Awehton Pappan

2016 Plenary speakers included:

  • Ken Haar 

  • Chuck Hassebrook
  •  Jane Kleeb
  • John Awehton Pappan

  • Kim Morrow,
  • Nancy Williams

  • ​​​Don Wilhite
Participants chose from a variety of
                  workshops or playshops that included
  • Right Brained (your art/visual/music creative part of your brain)
  • Left Brained (your logical/rational/information part of your brain)
  • Out of the building (enough said)​

Our 2016 Workshops/Playshops included:
  • Climate Change from ASEAN Countries’ Perspectives
  • Using Social Media
  • Hitting the Photography Trail with Nebraska Life Magazine
  • Elders Climate Legacy
  • Seeing Nature by Sketching Nature
  • Local Food Sheds 
  • Listening and Dialogue Session 
  • Mindful Walking on the Earth   
  • Faith-Based Community Organizing and Local Congregation Models   
  • Right Brain
  • Decorating Paper Lanterns 
  • Fall Garden Work | Seed Saving & Food Preservation
  • Is Asking the U.S. Congress to Put a Price on Carbon Tilting at Windmills, or Is Citizen's Climate Lobby onto Something? 
  • Expressing Ourselves with Poetry 
  • Just a Bird Walk in the Park  
  • Helping businesses go "green"
  • Cooking from Your Fall Garden
  • Yoga is for Everyone 

2016 book discussions:

About this book, written and reviewd by Rob Hogg, Iowa Senator from Cedar Rapids,Bill McKibben, founder of 350.org says, " This is a concise, accurate, and above all practical guide to the great problem of our time; it gets beyond ideology to concentrateon what needs doing now."

The Green Boat, by Mary Pipher, of Lincoln, emphasizes the importance of taking small, positive steps to preserve what’s important, drawing from her own experiences as part of a group fighting energy company TransCanada’s installation of the Keystone XL oil pipeline across the Midwest, which will sit atop the Ogallala Aquifer, the source of 40% of the United States’ fresh water.
Recipes from the Elders 4 the Earth are at the bottom of the Action page.  Both eating and cooking seeme like actions.

Click on the recipe bookk,to the left, to get to the action page.  Then scroll to the bottom for the reicpes.

Eat well.